Size Guide

Trogir, Dubrovnik & Istria Collections - How to find the correct bracelet size

Bracelet Size GuideBreak Time nautical bracelets size

In case you buy the bracelet as a gift, you may use the below estimate sizes, but also  please note that age is not always the determining factor, weight also matters (so the best would be to ask someone to get the wrist measurement for the person you want to get the gift for):

*** 11-11.5 cm (small children, 18-36 mth old), 11.5 - 13 cm (juniors 3-5 yrs old), 13 - 14 cm (juniors 5-7 yrs old), 14 - 14.5 cm (7-9 yrs old), 14.5 - 15.5 cm (9-12 yrs old)

*** 15.5 - 16 cm (for thin ladies), 16.5-17 cm (average woman size), 17.5-18 cm (a larger wrist women size)

*** 17-18 cm (thin teenagers), 18-19 cm (thin men), 19-20 (average men size), 20-21 cm (a larger wrist men size), 21-22 cm (very large wrist men size)

The SPLIT Collection - one size fits all!

When you will add to cart a Split bracelet, you will not have the option to choose the size, because they are one size (universal size) - meaning that they are 100% adjustable and they will fit any wrist size.

To adjust the Break Time bracelet (to make it tighter or looser), you can increase or decrease any (or both) loop sizes, by sliding any of the two knots. Please follow the instructions from the videos below (the first one contains instructions in English, the second one in Croatian language), to adjust it for your wrist: