TROGIR by Break Time® Special Edition World Cup 2018 CRO FAN Nautical Bracelet (T99)

This is a very limited edition nautical bracelet, with FREE engraving (as you can see on the photos) for the fans of the Croatian national football team. This special edition bracelet was launched on June 16th, 2018 - the day Croatian team has played its first game, against Nigeria and was initially supposed to be available only for the duration of the World Cup 2018, but due to the high demand (since Croatia was runner-up at WC2018) we decided to keep it for a longer period with the special price (basically you get the engraving for free).

Materials used: very resistant 4 or 5 mm European-made marine rope, hypoallergenic stainless-steel shackle (waterproof)

Note that the bracelet size is the circumference of your wrist, and it is NOT the same number of centimeters as the total length of the bracelet, so please follow our Size Guide instructions!



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