SAILOR by Break Time® bracelet with mini (2cm) exclusive stainless steel boat design (SMN001)

The SAILOR COLLECTION by Break Time® features an exclusive innovative stainless steel boat, imagined by our amazing brand designer, Ionut Copoiu.

Materials used: 2 cm stainless steel boat (exclusive design), 2mm paracord

The new Sailor by Break Time® boat bracelets (launched March 2018) are water-resistant and 100% adjustable, so one size fits all (they have two sailor knots that can slide up or down, as shown in the video below).

The boat bracelets also have the custom engraving option available, so you can really get an one-of-a-kind piece of handmade jewelry, that will stand out and really compliment your outfit and personality!

€16.00  €20.00

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