Replacement screw pin (for Trogir, Istria, Adriatica and Dubrovnik bracelets)

If you lost the pin for your Break Time shackle bracelet, you can get a replacement one. Just make sure to choose the right one for your bracelet and here are some pointers:

SMALL (4MM) SILVER COLOUR PIN - fits the Istria navy blue or black rope bracelets with silver shackle 

BIG (5MM) SILVER COLOUR PIN - fits all the Adriatica bracelets, the Dubrovnik bracelets with silver shackle and also the Trogir bracelets with 5mm shackle  

SMALL (4MM) BLACK COLOUR PIN - fits all the Trogir 2018 black shackle bracelets

BIG (5MM) BLACK COLOUR PIN - fits all the Dubrovnik bracelets with black shackle

SMALL (4MM) ROSE/YELLOW GOLD COLOUR PIN - fits all the Istria 2018 bracelets with gold shackle

If you are still not sure which one would be the right one, simply send us a photo with your bracelet at contact[at] and we will advise you.

€1.00  €2.00

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