Replacement screw pin (for Trogir, Istria, Adriatica and Dubrovnik bracelets)

If you lost the pin for your Break Time shackle bracelet, you can get a replacement one for free in our brick-and-mortar stores in Croatia (see Store Locations and their working hours) or you can order one here. Just make sure to choose the right one for your bracelet and here are some pointers:

SMALL (4MM) SILVER COLOUR PIN - fits the Istria navy blue or black rope bracelets with silver shackle, as well as for the Trogir bracelets with 4mm shackle/rope

BIG (5MM) SILVER COLOUR PIN - fits all the Adriatica bracelets, the Dubrovnik bracelets with silver shackle and also the Trogir bracelets with 5mm shackle/rope  

SMALL (4MM) BLACK COLOUR PIN - fits all the Trogir 2018 black shackle bracelets

BIG (5MM) BLACK COLOUR PIN - fits all the Dubrovnik bracelets with black shackle

SMALL (4MM) ROSE/YELLOW GOLD COLOUR PIN - fits all the Istria 2018 bracelets with gold shackle

If you are still not sure which one would be the right one (especially for the Trogir bracelets - some are with 4mm rope and they need a small silver pin, and some are made with 5mm rope and they need a big silver pin), simply send us a photo with your bracelet at contact[at] and we will advise you.

Please make sure to tighten the pin very tight when you are wearing the bracelet, to avoid it getting unscrewed.


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