DUBROVNIK by Break Time® all black nautical rope bracelet with decorative compass (DU014)

Materials used: high-quality 5mm EU-made black yachting rope and vacuum painted black hypoallergenic stainless steel shackles (adjustable by 1 cm) with a decorative compass. 

VERY IMPORTANT: The bracelet size should be chosen based on the circumference of your wrist, and it is NOT the same number of centimeters as the total length of the bracelet, so please follow our Size Guide instructions before placing your order!

Please note that scratches might occur if the shackle of the bracelet comes in contact with sharp objects/ hard surfaces.

EUIPO Design Certificate for Dubrovnik by Break Time compass braceletThe design for our Dubrovnik by Break Time collection is protected by Design Certificate 7470176 issued by the European Union Intellectual Property Office (EUIPO)



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