How to buy

Za naše hrvatske kupce: kliknite ovdje za sve informacije vezane za proces kupnje, garanciju i pravila povrata.

Please feel free to browse our catalog of nautical bracelets, necklaces and key-chains and, when you find something you like:

1. Click the BUY button (it will take you to the product page).

2. Choose the colour combinations, the size (please follow the instructions of our Size Guide) and the quantity, then press the ADD TO CART button (repeat this step for each product you want to buy).

Any time you add a product to cart, you will see a section where you can leave a comment - please use that section, in case you want some specific detail to be taken care of.

Disclaimer: Actual product colors may differ slightly from the photos, due to different monitor settings.

3. Fill in the shipping address information.

You will be asked to introduce your personal information (name, address and a phone number). We are only using this information for shipping purposes (and the phone as a fast means of contact in case we feel we should re-confirm with you the details of your order).

In case you want the shipping information stored for subsequent shopping in our store, please make sure to check the button that allows the saving of your information.

Please double-check so there are no errors (make sure your email address is also correct).

4. Click on "Continue to shipping method"

Our shop offers FREE SHIPPING WORLDWIDE for all orders 50 Euros.

We ship from Split (Croatia) with Hrvatska Posta - Registered Post. When your order is ready (3-10 working days after payment is confirmed, depending on the volume of orders), we will ship it and we will provide you with the tracking number.

Please note that the shipping method we use requires your signature upon receiving the envelope. We apologize for this inconvenience, but we chose the tracking post in order to ensure the best chance that your order will reach its destination.

In case you wish us to use the regular post service (no tracking number, no signature required), please leave a comment when placing the order and we will follow your requirements (Please note that, in this case, we waive all responsibility if the order does not reach you).

5. Choose the payment option

The orders placed in our online shop can be paid via PayPal or by debit/credit card (please check the bottom of the page to see if your card is accepted).

Croatian customers can also pay COD (Cash On Delivery) in kuna - for this option the customer will have to pay to the postman 9-15kn extra (over the order value), which represents the fee for cash payment delivery.

a) Press the CHECK OUT WITH PAYPAL button, if you have a Paypal account and wish to use this payment method (read about the facts that make Paypal payment very safe). The payment confirmation will be instant, you will receive an e-mail with the invoice for your order, and we will produce and ship your desired products in less than three working days.

b) Press the CHECK OUT button, if you would like to pay via card. Our shop uses the Braintree platform for processing payments.

c) Only for customers from Croatia, the Cash On Delivery (pouzecem) option is available.

If you order from Croatia and have chosen COD as the payment option, you will have to pay the total amount (in kuna) to the postman, when you receive the order, plus an extra charge of 9-15kn (HP fee for cash payment delivery).

6. Review order

Please check if all the elements (the type and size of products, the contact information, the payment method) are accurate and then:

7. Place your order

After finalizing the payment, you will receive a confirmation e-mail for your order. In case you do not receive this e-mail (please check also the Spam folder), send us a message and we will sort it out.

8. Production & shipping time

We will do our best to produce and ship your order within 3-10 working days from the moment payment is confirmed. (Usually 2-3 days, but depending on the volume of orders received, the production time might go up to 10 working days, since all items are handmade by one person only).

Once your order is shipped, you will receive an e-mail with confirmation of shipping and with the tracking number assigned to your order.

Croatian customers may check the status of their order by introducing here the tracking number received from us.

International customers may check their order status here

9. Delivery time

Depending on your location, delivery time it usually ranges between 2-5 working days for Croatia, 5-15 working days for Europe, 10-21 working days for the rest of the world (for very remote destinations, delivery time can be up to 45 days).

These are estimates and we are not accountable for the exact Hrvatska Posta delivery time to your country or any delays that might incur.

Please note that HP tracking service does not update the status of the orders in transit (from the moment the envelope left Croatia until the moment it arrives at the local post office in the destination country). So please do not panic if several days have passed and there are no updates published.

However, in case over 20 working days (for Europe) and 30 working days (for the rest of the world) have passed and you still did not receive the envelope from us and no updates were published on your tracking page, please contact us and we will inquire with the local postal services.

If your order is returned to us, we will offer you a full refund in case we wrote the wrong address on the envelope, and we offer a partial refund (deducting the shipping cost that we paid) in case the order was not delivered because the postman did not find you at the address or you did not pick it up from your local post office, or if you gave us a wrong/non-existent address. So, please double-check the delivery address (when you receive the order confirmation email from us) and please follow the tracking page (when you receive the shipping confirmation email from us).

In case the information above did not answer to all of your possible questions related to "how to buy", we are only one e-mail away:

For information regarding warranty, return & refund policy, as well as maintenance of our items, please click here