YACHT CLUB Limited Edition 4cm Anchor Bracelet (YCLT01)

The LIMITED EDITION of YACHT CLUB by Break Time® 4cm anchor bracelets are an absolute innovation.

The top of the anchor has a screw pin, so that the paracord & pin part can be detached from the anchor body.

That means that just by purchasing two or more paracord & pin parts to go with the anchor, you basically can have a bracelet for every type of outfit or occasion.

All YACHT CLUB by Break Time® anchor bracelets are unisex and 100% adjustable. The 4cm stainless steel anchor & screw pin variant fits better on bigger wrists (it is preferred by men) and it is available in silver colour. 

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The price above is only for the anchor. To create a full bracelet, you have to pick at least one paracord & screw pin part (€10 for each colour), that will attach to the anchor to form a full bracelet.