Just one day until the launch of our most exciting nautical bracelets collection yet! 

The Sailor Collection features an exclusive stainless steel boat-shaped design, imagined by Ionut Copoiu, the artisan and co-owner of the Break Time brand (basically the guy who singlehandedly handcrafts each and every one of the BT bracelets).

The stainless steel boats come in three different sizes (4 cm, 3 cm and 2 cm - talking about the height of the boat) and the paracord colours we are using for the Sailor Collection are brand new and extremely cool, as well. 

The boat bracelets are 100% adjustable (they have two knots that you can push and pull to make the bracelet fit your wrist), so they can be worn equally by women, men and children.

Another amazing feature of the new nautical bracelets from the Sailor Collection is the fact that you can choose to engrave the bottom part of the boat, as well as the sails - as you can see in the photo below. 

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We are looking forward to receive your orders and discover what special messages you will choose to engrave on your new Sailor boat bracelets. 

For the time being, our favourite engraving is the one below: "Mirno more" - the complete message would be "Mirno more, mornaru!" - which is what you would wish to a sailor when he goes out to sea:  "Calm seas, sailor!"

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February 27, 2018