Handmade nautical bracelets - From Croatia, with love

Handmade nautical bracelets - From Croatia, with love

Two main things happened in the last 24 hours that made us feel proud and happy. First, last night, was this article published by Total Croatia Sailing - if you read it, you will understand why :)

Second, this morning, was waking up to find an email from Trip Advisor, announcing us that our Split shop was awarded the Certificate of Excellence, for constant good reviews. Cannot wait to receive our personalised award, to frame it and showcase it in the shop. And we are grateful to all the media love and to all of our customers who took the time to write such nice things about us on Trip Advisor or on our Facebook pages (we have yet to receive a bad review, which is amazing).

Break Time Croatia - Best Shopping Destination in Split

 It is a great feeling to have your work appreciated and rewarded. We love these moments and they make us keep wanting to do better and to be better. So keep on letting us know when we succeed and when we fail. Thank you!

The new DUBROVNIK nautical bracelets with black stainless steel compass - COMING SOON!

The new DUBROVNIK nautical bracelets with black stainless steel compass - COMING SOON!

The absolute winner in terms of popularity amongst our male customers, the black compass bracelets are back with a vengeance!

The new Dubrovnik Collection of nautical bracelets with decorative compass is made with stainless steel shackles. The collection using silver colour compass shackles was launched last month and now we are preparing to launch the black compass shackle version. Check it out below - doesn't it look crazy good? Watch our blog, follow us on Facebook and Instagram - and we will let you know when you can finally order yours online or get it in our Croatian shops in Dubrovnik or Split!

Dubrovnik by Break Time Croatia. Nautical Bracelets. Men Jewellery. Fashion for men. Black compass bracelets.

Dubrovnik by Break Time Croatia compass nautical bracelets

The new DUBROVNIK Collection of nautical bracelets with decorative compass

Since most of our customers are active people who like to wear our nautical bracelets all the time, even when swimming or taking a shower or going at the pool, we are preparing to re-launch the very popular DUBROVNIK Collection in a water-resistant version.

Nautical Bracelets. Mens Jewellery. Compass Bracelets. Break Time Croatia. Dubrovnik Collection.

The 2017 DUBROVNIK Collection will be launched on 09.05.2017 - the first day of Zagreb Design Week (for which Break Time is partner location). The new and improved compass bracelets will be available in the online shop, as well as in the Split shop (Trogirska 8) and the Dubrovnik shop (Antuninska 5).

As we did last summer with our SPLIT Collection, when we replaced the alloy anchors with stainless steel anchors (a change that made our fans very happy), for the new DUBROVNIK bracelets we are also replacing the alloy shackles (which we used for the 2015/16 season) with a stainless steel shackle with decorative compass.

That means that now absolutely all our nautical bracelets are waterproof (except for the very few remaining anchor bracelets and compass bracelets pieces from the 2015/16 collections, which can be purchased on CLEARANCE SALE, while stocks last).

The Dubrovnik compass bracelets will be available in men' sizes (18-19 cm, 19-20 cm, 20-21 cm, and even 21-22 cm (since some of our customers are sailors with very strong wrists) and the price will be 220 kn (in Split and Dubrovnik shops) and 29 Euros (in the online shop).

 Dubrovnik by Break Time Croatia. Nautical Bracelets. Compass Bracelets.


Nautical Bracelets. Anchor Bracelets. Break Time Croatia. Split shopping. Dubrovnik Shopping.

About smiles and happy Break Time nautical bracelets's fans

We are sometimes asked what age group are we targeting our handmade nautical bracelets towards. And - in a world that segments people on age, sex and many other variables - we found ourselves (the Break Time nautical bracelets) being loved without discrimination by grandchildren and grandparents alike. Maybe because we all love the sea, no matter the age or the sex or the language we speak, and our little handmade jewellery pieces are a beautiful reminder about the freedom and happiness the amazing "more" (sea in Croatian language) brings to us.

Each and every encounter is special, but they all have one thing in common: our customers leave the shop with a smile. Here here are a few of our visitors from the last few days, in Split (Trogirska 8) and Dubrovnik (Antuninska 5).

This lovely German family will return to Berlin with some cool handmade bracelets from our Istria and Split collections, as well as (you probably already noticed it) a necklace from our Vis collection :)

German family enjoying their new Croatian souvenirs from Split: Break Time nautical bracelets

This lovely lady was one of my personal favourite customers. Just look at the photo and you will certainly understand why:

Lovely lady wearing a Trogir by Break Time nautical bracelet

This fun group of Italians definitely did not return to Napoli empty-handed :)

Best souvenirs from Split Dubrovnik Croatia

How about this beautiful family? Their smiles say it all!

Family friendly handmade nautical best souvenirs gift from Split Croatia

And the smiles are happening in both our shops, the photo below with these beautiful young German ladies is from the newly opened Break Time store in Dubrovnik Old Town:

Best souvenir shop in Dubrovnik Croatia - What to buy in Dubrovnik - Shopping in Dubrovnik

Wanna know the secret weapon we use to bring smiles on people's faces? Because it is not only about the fun, unique, beautiful looking bracelets that my partner, Ionut, is making with a lot of TLC. It is equally about the amazing teams we have in our shops: Biljana & Katarina in Dubrovnik, Petra & Dino in Split. They are the ones doing their best to find the perfect bracelet for each of our customers and they are ultimately responsible for the smiles :)

Here is Dino showing one of our young customers how to adjust his new Break Time anchor bracelet look amazing on his wrist:


Split all black waterproof anchor bracelet

The new all black waterproof anchor bracelet is here!

The "all black" anchor bracelet was the most popular of our original Split collection, so we wanted to bring it back, but in a water-resistant version, like all the other new Split anchor bracelets.

So - ta-ra-ra-ra!!! - we are happy to introduce the new & improved Split by Break Time "all black" anchor bracelet!

Split by Break Time Croatia - all black anchor bracelet - waterproof

This cool piece of nautical jewellery is handmade with an alloy anchor covered in rubber, which not only looks and feels great, but also makes it waterproof, so you can wear it 24/7 without fear that will get rusty in the salty sea water.

And because we are excited about this new bracelet and we want you, our fans, to test it and tell us what you think, we thought to introduce it with a promotional price! So take advantage of our limited 25% off price and order yours now!

Spring is here! Time to renew your nautical bracelets collection!

Spring is here! Time to renew your nautical bracelets collection!

Not sure how weather is where you live, but here on the Croatian coast we had a few rainy days and we had the first of the three Bura winds of March (if you live in Croatia, you know what I mean).

Sprinb blossoms Adriatic Sea Dubrovnik Croatia Banje Beach

But today - at least in Dubrovnik - it was a beautiful spring day. 20 degrees Celsius in Dubrovnik (T-shirt weather, yeey!) and I even saw some tourists sunbathing on Banje Beach!

Summer is almost here and I, for one, cannot wait for the Adriatic Sea to get warm enough. It won't be long now. But for the moment, just my blue and pink Trogir by Break Time nautical bracelet went for a swim today :)

Break Time handmade water resistant nautical bracelets blue pink croatian brand souvenirs dubrovnik split

 Break Time Croatia Dubrovnik 2017 best souvenirs gift holiday shops shopping nautical bracelet armband




What was in the Break Time bag that Jamie Foxx got?

What was in the Break Time bag that Jamie Foxx got?

Since we published the photos with Jamie Foxx, people have come to our shop asking what was in the bag that he was holding.

Jamie Foxx and the best souvenirs from Croatia

Well, since you might have noticed he is wearing mainly black, you should not be surprised to find out that one of the items was our SPLIT by Break Time anchor bracelet with black paracord:

Break Time nautical marine beach anchor bracelet

The second bracelet was a TROGIR by Break Time all black nautical rope bracelet (with the Croatian flag on the inside of the bracelet):

Break Time Croatian flag yachting rope armband nautical bracelet

Also in the bag was a ZADAR by Break Time nautical rope key-ring:

Zadar by Break Time Croatia nautical rope keyring souvenir gift

And a red SPLIT by Break Time medium anchor bracelet (for his little niece):

Split by Break Time anchor bracelet nautical jewelry

Anklet - The growing fashion trend (and we got some amazing nautical anklets for you!)

Anklet - The growing fashion trend (and we got some amazing nautical anklets for you!)

Did you notice last summer that more and more celebrities wore anklets? (Rihanna even wore one on the red carpet!) And brands like Calvin Klein and Chloe have their models wearing cute, sexy little anklets on the runways? Well, as it happens, the trend is booming in 2017.

Which means that this summer the anklets are the "must have" accessory. So get ready to be noticed and choose one of our SPLIT mini anchor bracelets/anklets...yes, that's right, you can wear it as a bracelet OR as an anklet, depending on how you feel that day :)

And since they are completely water resistant, do not be afraid to take your new anklet/bracelet for a swim in the amazing Adriatic Sea (oh, cannot wait for the weather to warm up enough for that!!!)

Break Time anchor bracelets anklets - sidro narukvice ukras za nogu

Break Time® Croatia is launching a new collection of anchor bracelets/anklets

Break Time® Croatia is launching a new collection of anchor bracelets/anklets


The new SPLIT MINI by Break Time® is now officially launched, marking the one year anniversary of our flagship store in the beautiful coastal city of Split.