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Handmade nautical bracelets - From Croatia, with love

Two main things happened in the last 24 hours that made us feel proud and happy. First, last night, was this article published by Total Croatia Sailing - if you read it, you will understand why :)

Second, this morning, was waking up to find an email from Trip Advisor, announcing us that our Split shop was awarded the Certificate of Excellence, for constant good reviews. Cannot wait to receive our personalised award, to frame it and showcase it in the shop. And we are grateful to all the media love and to all of our customers who took the time to write such nice things about us on Trip Advisor or on our Facebook pages (we have yet to receive a bad review, which is amazing).

Break Time Croatia - Best Shopping Destination in Split

 It is a great feeling to have your work appreciated and rewarded. We love these moments and they make us keep wanting to do better and to be better. So keep on letting us know when we succeed and when we fail. Thank you!

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What was in the Break Time bag that Jamie Foxx got?

Since we published the photos with Jamie Foxx, people have come to our shop asking what was in the bag that he was holding.

Jamie Foxx and the best souvenirs from Croatia

Well, since you might have noticed he is wearing mainly black, you should not be surprised to find out that one of the items was our SPLIT by Break Time anchor bracelet with black paracord:

Break Time nautical marine beach anchor bracelet

The second bracelet was a TROGIR by Break Time all black nautical rope bracelet (with the Croatian flag on the inside of the bracelet):

Break Time Croatian flag yachting rope armband nautical bracelet

Also in the bag was a ZADAR by Break Time nautical rope key-ring:

Zadar by Break Time Croatia nautical rope keyring souvenir gift

And a red SPLIT by Break Time medium anchor bracelet (for his little niece):

Split by Break Time anchor bracelet nautical jewelry

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Oscar winner Jamie Foxx, taking home Break Time souvenirs from Dubrovnik

So here it is: me and Jamie Foxx in Dubrovnik, and a goodie bag full of Break Time nautical souvenirs.

He liked the idea that they were handmade, I explained that my husband is making all of our products and he also liked the name of our brand :)

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