If you already love our 4mm and 5mm shackle bracelets from the Corsair (former Trogir), Captain or Waves collections...or if you wanted that design, but in a smaller, thinner, lighter to wear...basically a more jewelry-like variant, you will ADORE the new  ROYAL by Break Time® nautical bracelets! 
3mm shackle bracelets nautical jewelry for men for women engraved
The  ROYAL by Break Time® nautical bracelets are handmade in our atelier in Split, Croatia using an originally designed 3mm stainless steel shackle (available in silver, rose gold, yellow gold and matte black) and 3mm sailing rope.

One other novelty of the Royal collection is that both the up side and the bottom side of the adjust bar can be engraved (we have moved our logo in a more discreet position, on a lateral square side of the adjust bar).

And until end of January we are offering you the bottom engraving for free!

custom engraved nautical bracelets for men women
January 16, 2022