Custom engraved gifts from charter guests for luxury sailing yacht crew

We had a special delivery to do this morning, before we opened the shops in Split. We went over to Le Meridien Lav marina to deliver custom engraved "Live long, sail hard" Break Time anchor bracelets for the entire crew of a sailing luxury super yacht, as a thank you from their happy charter guests from USA, who stopped by our Split shop yesterday and handpicked the collection and the custom engraving text.

The main reason they came to our shop was actually to leave a very generous 1200 USD donation on behalf of their ARNI Foundation from Daytona Beach, Florida to help the situation of stray cats in Split area, donation that will certainly be put to great us by the ladies running the Macke&Co group. Thank you, Nikki, Rusty and friends for both the amazing donation and for the shopping spree in our Trogirska 8 Split store!